• A boutique cottage studio

  • Classic names you know

  • Full backline of pro gear

  • Digital & Analog options


Fairweather Studio is a boutique cottage recording studio in beautiful Charleston, South Carolina.



Omar Colon is the owner and chief engineer of Fairweather Studio. As a long-time musician – having started playing drums when he was 10 – Omar began dabbling in recording over a decade ago in an effort to expand himself and to be as DIY as possible. He opened Fairweather Studio in 2014 and has worked with musical acts such as Sideshow Americans, SondorBlue, and The Drury Brothers, as well as commercial and television projects for Sony Pictures, HBO, Canada Dry, and more. He is a graduate of Recording Workshop in Chillicothe, Ohio and is a member of the Audio Engineering Society.




Kyle Polk

"Omar indeed has a terrific space and a lovely set of Slingerlands that feel just like home. Check out Fairweather Studio if you want a vibey spot to track all of your mama daddies and triple ratamacues."

Kyle Polk (The Explorers Club)

"A great studio is made out of great engineers that are PEOPLE persons, with amazing, top of the line equipment and a laid back atmosphere. Well, Fairweather Studio has all the above, and more. Thank you, yet again, for a great recording session today!"

Marie-France Morin (multilingual voice-over artist)
Marie-France Morin